queue de grâce returns

the second installment of queue de grâce is on the horizon. ladies and gentlemen, prepare yourself for the...

the bar was set so incredibly high by miss chelsea george during apocalypse chelsea that i was afraid there would be the inevitable letdown. not to worry, though. our second guest programmer is a badass in her own right.

in case you missed it the first time around, here is how queue de grâce works: for one solid week i turn over complete control of my streaming netflix queue to someone. during that week (excluding visits to actual theaters) i will only watch content curated by one of you guys and report back daily as to how i am faring and give the good citizens of vitagraph, american the lowdown on your cinematic proclivities.

in the on-deck circle this time, we have cabby lawry. say, hello to cabby, everyone.

cabby hails from columbus, ohio these days and is the guiding light behind outloud columbus, a great resource for columbus' LGBT (and friends) community, providing an informal gathering place for folks to explore all aspects of LGBT culture and history via art, discussion and activism. she and i go back a lot of years together as veterans in the kitchen wars. having been in the trenches with her, i am well aware of her ingenuity and craftiness. hence, i am very excited about what she has in store for us. the attack of the cab monster begins on 2.1.11 and runs through 2.7.11. i guarantee a good time.


  1. You're in for some interesting watchin', no doubt about it!