starlite winter break

hey, gang. the latter half of january is full of work schedule changes, a skydiving trip and band business. as a result, starlite cinema is taking the month off. not to worry, though. we will be back in february with a valentine's program that will more than make up for our absence. until then, consider these alternatives to fill that starlite-shaped hole in your heart:

my beloved paramount theater is showing a doozy of a double feature on the 13th, 14th and 16th. for less than a sawbuck you get both out of the past (1947) and laura (1944), two of the finest from hollywood's golden age of film noir. twists, turns, crosses and double crosses. a man would do a lot of wrong things for a dame like jane greer. and by a man, i mean me.

also at the paramount this month is a pairing of james whale's frankenstein (1931) and abbott and costello meet frankenstein (1948). dracula and the wolf man also get in on the action to make it a monster bonanza! look for those shows on the 21st and 22nd.

if neither of those options is funky enough for you the alamo drafthouse has the cure. for music monday on the 17th they are showing james brown live at the boston garden (1968). this concert took place the day after martin luther king, jr. was killed. brown insisted the show must go on and others conceded that it might do more harm than good to cancel this concert in one of the few major metropolitan areas that wasn't rioting at the time. WGBH pitched in to broadcast it live, urging people to stay home, off the streets, and enjoy the show. the godfather puts on one of the best shows you'll ever see. just two bucks!

arthouse at the jones center also hosts special screenings. this month's offerings begin with tampopo (1985) on the 9th and include a couple of more experimental programs later in the month. these screenings are held in the arthouse community room and are free unless otherwise noted. here is their screening schedule.

and if you'd like to come see what it is that we do, musically, you can come to one of our shows at the end of the month. we are very excited to be helping our dear friend alexa woodward celebrate the release of her new record, "it's a good life honey if you don't grow weary". here is but one reason why you should come.

damn, i love that song. we will be with her in austin at the central presbyterian church (one of the best listening rooms in town, as it turns out) on the 27th, in huntsville on the 28th and nacogdoches on the 29th. if you can make it out we would love to see you.

sorry again about no starlite this month. believe me, it hurts me more than it hurts you. back soon with details about the february program.

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