starlite is for lovers

our starlite cinema series returns in february with a special valentine's program for you.

the first film of the evening will be bill forsyth's gregory's girl (1981). it's an old favorite of mine and one of the most genuine and smart films about adolescence i have ever seen. i wrote a bit about it here a few months ago if you'd like to take a look. it has a charm its american contemporaries could just never get right.

the second film in our double feature is going to be jean cocteau's beauty and the beast (1946).

it is cinematic magic of the highest order and one of only a handful of films that i truly think everyone ought to see. i am especially pleased to offer this one to you guys. it is a film i never tire of and i cannot think of a better way to see it than out under the stars with my friends.

the program will begin at 7 p.m. on friday, 2.18.11. the facebook event page is here if you would like to rsvp or get further details. if that's not an option for you and would like to attend just send me a note and i will make sure you get the particulars. we're looking forward to this one a great deal. hope you can make it out.

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