good news from row q

this morning's email brought a piece of news that certainly made the day brighter.

the paramount theater officially announced that they are expanding their film offerings this year. now, in addition to the summer classics series, they will be programming all manner of classic and foreign films all year long. they had already been leaning this way with the noir and frankenstein double features last month and this week's shows but it's nice to know that it's not just a diversion to while away the winter (what little we have). it's also nice to know that they aren't just spreading a summer's worth of films over the entire year. the summer schedule is going to be just as full as usual, if not more. they have also started the film at the paramount blog, so check in there for film notes and to keep up with what programmer jesse trussell has in store for us in the coming weeks and months. it promises to be a pretty fun year. i'll see you downtown.