making my contribution

there are a couple of things on the vitagraph horizon that i am looking forward to that you guys might want to keep an eye out for. first, my friend bryce over at the entertaining and edifying things that don't suck is running a sam raimi blogathon from 3.27.11 to 4.2.11 and it promises to be great fun. i participated in the one he organized last year devoted to christopher nolan and i am honored and excited that he asked me back. in the meantime, read his blog. there's always something interesting going on over there.

second, i threw my hat in the ring for the fifth annual white elephant blogathon over at silly hats only (i think bryce is doing this as well. i hope so).

the rules are simple. you submit a title you want to see someone review and you are randomly assigned one from someone else's submission. we all reconvene on april fool's day and post the results. i received my assignment a couple of days ago and i am/am not looking forward to it. i take small consolation in the fact that, thanks to me, someone, somewhere has to/gets to watch the misunderstood genius that is unmasking the idol (1986). come back on 4.1.11 and see who had the biggest joke played on them.


  1. Many thanks for the mention cole. I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    As a matter of fact I am doing the white elephant blog. I just got my assignment and yeesh.

    I don't want to give away too much but lets just say that someone will be watching some Charles B. Pierce thanks to me. I actually went pretty easy on the hypothetical person, choosing one of his "better" films. Which will be cold comfort for whoever has to review it, you need the right mind frame to survive some Pierce.

  2. my pleasure, sir. glad to hear you'll be along for the white elephant. charles b. pierce kills me. "the town that dreaded sundown" goes from being the last movie that made me check my doors and windows one minute to a cut-rate "dukes of hazzard" the next.