starlite recap

last night heralded the triumphant return of the starlite cinema series after taking the month of january off.

we returned to the lovely smith residence and once again transformed the backyard into the crestland arcadium for a belated valentine's day program that included bill forsyth's charmer, gregory's girl (1981) and jean cocteau's visual poem, beauty and the beast (1946). in keeping with the valentine's day theme we also watched mystery science theater 3000's deflating of the short what to do on a date (1950). and, since oscar fever is already sweeping the land we added a mini-program of animated shorts with two of this year's nominees - andrew ruhemann and shaun tan's the lost thing (2010) and bastien dubois' madagascar, a journey diary (2010) - and last year's winner, the we-dare-you-to-sue-us masterpiece, logorama (2009) from the french animation collective H5. as if all this wasn't enough, once again, lauren outdid herself in the kitchen, especially with the homemade thin mints. a grand time was had by all and i want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who came. if you run into stephen or lauren tell them how incredible they are for hosting us. these couldn't happen without them.

next month is a program that vitagraph is already delirious with anticipation over. the march installment of starlite cinema will be freaking KUNG FU NIGHT!

oh dear lord. if you know me, you know how excited i am about this. i am working on whittling down the list to two features but that is going to be difficult. there are so many choices. new school? old school? wire work? swordplay? shaolin? this could take forever. you can count on a few things, most likely - some beautifully awful english dubbing, a dead master or two that must be avenged and some incredible beard/eyebrow combinations. our tentative date right now is the last friday in march, 3.25.11, so keep it free if you can. i will be back with an update soon outlining the films and confirming the date. i promise this one is going to be worth your while. hope to see you then.

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