this cab is off duty

another installment of queue de grâce has come to an end and was a roaring success, if i do say so myself. once again, i extend a heartfelt thanks to my curator, miss cabby lawry.

don't let her kid you. she's not that sweet. kind of a cowardly move to hit me with that patrick dempsey business and then get on a boat headed for the safety of international waters, if you ask me. enjoy your cruise, chump!

here's the full rundown of what i saw this week:

when harry met sally (1989)
how to kill your neighbor's dog (2001)
sleepers (1996)
capturing the friedmans (2003)
the fifth element (1998)
lock, stock and two smoking barrels (1998)
amélie (2001)
a perfect world (1993)
the beach (2000)
aimée & jaguar (1998)
return to me (2000)
the pledge (2001)
the dark crystal (1982)
big (1988)
the garden (2008)
JFK (1991)
loverboy (1989)
the hudsucker proxy (1994)
billy elliot (2000)

the only one on her list that i didn't get to this time was up (2009). i have seen it before, though. here's the short version: i thought it was incredibly well done and much more for adults than children. how many kids (besides me) would be into sepia tone nostalgia and airships? and how many children can grasp the notion of the loss of a life-long love (which is what the movie was about)? pixar perfected their formula with that one. and i cried once, at the end.

if you are completely in the dark as to what i am rambling on about, feel free to go back and start at the beginning.

as always, i welcome any and all who would like to participate as curator for the week. just let me know you are interested, i will add you to the list in the order you request was received. the line right now is about ten deep so i will be doing these more often. my friend caroline is next up and we will be doing that some time in the middle of april, so stay tuned. in an exciting bit of news, my friend thomas is the first one bold enough to take up the queue de grâce challenge and i am formulating a list for him as we speak. i will let you know where you can keep up with his exploits as soon as his reports come across the wire. thanks for following along, everyone. talk to you soon.

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