another summer over

sadly, it is that time of year again - the paramount's summer classics series is coming to an end. it still runs through this sunday but, sadly, i am unable to attend the final weekend. this summer was busier than ever, what with moving to cedar park and the band's tour, so i didn't get to see as much as i normally do, but what i did see was fantastic. once again, here is a poster gallery of everything i saw there this summer, in chronological order of original release, from el tren fantasma (1927) to the shining (1980).

this finale stings less than in years past, though, as paramount programmer jesse trussell is expanding the film offerings beyond just summertime. no longer do we have to suffer that long, sad drought, bereft of classic offerings, between september and may. the first summer i do not have to say goodbye to row q is a pretty good summer, indeed.

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