big top starlite

we had a beautiful night tonight for this month's starlite screening. lauren made perfect end-of-summer skewers of grilled fresh pineapple, strawberries and nectarines and our three ring extravaganza started with robert mckimson's looney tunes classic acrobatty bunny (1946), followed by mystery science theater bringing down the tent on the short here comes the circus (1946). our main attraction was federico fellini's la strada (1954).

giulietta masina's face has to be considered one of the greatest in cinema history, so expressive and odd and beautiful. it struck me this evening while watching the film how unfair and inaccurate it is that her character in this film is so often described as simple. i think the more appropriate word would be pure, an angel inhabiting the body of harpo marx. as always, it was great to share this with an audience and i am eternally grateful to my friends for being such thoughtful and attentive viewers. you guys are wonderful to share movies with. double thanks to lauren this evening for being worth two smiths all by herself!

i am still working on the halloween edition of starlite. if you know me, you know i have made and remade the lineup in my head about a thousand times by now. halloween is always my favorite and i promise an excellent double feature for the occasion. as soon as we can nail down a date and i can commit to a program i will make sure and post all the pertinent details here and on the facebook page. i look forward to seeing you guys there.

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