i suppose that means it's autumn

because today we say so long to summer. everyone wave goodbye.

here are the films she selected for me this week, for posterity's sake:

ponette (1996)
a little princess (1995)
mary and max (2009)
peggy sue got married (1986)
ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains (1982)
kicking and screaming (1995)
benny & joon (1993)
the house of yes (1997)
dogtooth (2009)
kings of pastry (2009)
hoop dreams (1994)
the pride of the yankees (1942)
microcosmos (1996)
free willy (1993)
wendy and lucy (2008)
me and you and everyone we know (2005)
y tu mamá también (2001)
dirty dancing (1987)
road, movie (2010)
last night (1998)

it was a red-letter week, most certainly. she was the first queue participant bold enough to appeal so brashly to my loins as well as my brains. it was easily the most erotically charged list i have seen so far. whereas previous lists have held a good number of surprises for me in the realm of kids entertainment, this week we were definitely traversing adult territory. lucky for me, sex and death are typically at the top of my hit parade. she also set a new standard this week for making me openly weep, which i am sure she finds satisfying, though not perversely. it was quite the emotional roller coaster ride and i am richer for it. thank you, summer. i appreciate all the work you put into it and for having the nerve to put me through the wringer.

the queue is taking october off, as that is my birthday and i am not watching anything i don't feel like. yes, the whole month is my birthday. i don't mess around. the queue will be back in november with my favorite contrarian, joe turner, at the helm. i guarantee that is going to be good. in the meantime, i'll see you guys around. as always, thanks for reading.


  1. How does one contribute to the queue?

  2. you have but to ask. i add people to the list in the order they ask. so the good news is i just added you. the bad news is you're twentieth. the good news again is that you have plenty of time to craft an excellent list.

  3. Sex and crying.

    Put it on my gravestone.